~ RED Dragon Digital Cinema 6K camera kit  

~ Sony PMW F5 Camera
   - Canon Cinema Prime lenses 25, 35, 50 and 85mm
   - Red 18-50mm lens, Red 50-150mm lens and Red 300mm lens
~ Atomos Samurai HD 10bit recorder
~ Sachtler 7+7 fluid head with Sachtler carbon fibre 2 stage tripod
~ Miller Arrow 50 light weight carbon fibre tripod and head
~ Lighting kit including 3 blondies, 3 redheads, 4 totas, 2 Kinoflo Diva,
   2k fresnel, 1k fresnel, 650w fresnel, 7 dedos, 3 LED Litepanels,
   scrims,gels, stands, soft boxes, umbrellas and sun guns
~ Power supply and batteries
~ Panasonic 17" LCD monitor
~ Sony 20cm colour field monitor
~ Small HD DP6 LCD monitor camera mountable
~ Wally Dolly and track
~ Production matt box with a variety of filters including pro mist,
  polarisers, ND grads and colour enhancing
~ Audio gear including shot gun microphone,
  radio mic, 3 x lapel mics and hand mic and boom
~ Wide range of production accessories
~ Hyundai iLoad van packed with gear